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Local Events

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Local Tri and Running Events 

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Tuesday Night Ride night-

Multiple levels call for details.

Starting April 2nd 2024 

A/A2 Lakewood In front of Ryders Cup, The fasties They go hard the whole ride 40-60miles 20+mph ave.

Bravo Group Multi Meet points (see facebook) over the season, Tri riders and Riders that want to push themself to higher levels (they love hills) 30-40miles 18-20 mph ave.

B2 Group Harbor Hotel Parking Lot 

25-35 miles @16.5 ave. All road bikes

Charlie Group  Celeron Park Lot  Same miles as B just a bit slower 90% Road bikes 20-30 miles @ 12-14mph ave.

C/C-/C2 Zion Covenant Church 520 Fairmount ave Jamestown,    Large Mix group splits up- Road bikes, Ebikes, Hybrids, New Riders every week  Very fun safe Group 15 miles 12mph ave. 

Thurday rides @ 6pm Southerntier Brewery, Hunt Rd.  Stay Tuned to Facebook for start of these rides

5:30 start in mid September 

Sat. Rides @ Ryders Cup Coffee in Lakewood, NY  Bonus of Good Coffee too

This is usually a A/A2 ride 

See Facebook link at top for up to date posts about rides 

Parallel Lines

Be Part Of The Fun

Tuesday night group rides all levels all fun. 

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